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Secord Township Trustees



Bill Bowman
Martin Holmes

The following description was excerpted, with permission, from Authorities & Responsibilities of Michigan Township Officials, Boards and Commissions, published by the Michigan Townships Association, copyright 2000.  

General law township trustees

  Like the supervisor, clerk and treasurer, the trustees are members of the township board with an equal vote in legislative and administrative government decisions within the jurisdiction of the township board. Unlike the supervisor, clerk and treasurer, however, trustees are not delegated specific statutory duties and responsibilities. As previously indicated, trustees serve terms of four years just like the supervisor, clerk and treasurer.

  In townships having a population of 5,000 or more, or having 3,000 or more qualified and registered electors as shown by registration records at the close of registration for the November election, four trustees may be elected (MCL 168.358(4)). However, the two additional trustees must be authorized by the voters at a regular township election or by a majority of the electors voting at an annual meeting. The question of additional trustees must be voted on at the first township election or annual meeting following compliance with the township’s population or voter qualification. If a majority votes in favor of the additional trustees, the township shall thereafter elect four trustees. If the question is defeated, the question may be resubmitted by the township board at any subsequent general November election or annual meeting, and must be submitted if a petition is filed containing the signatures of at least 10 percent of the registered and qualified electors of the township requesting that the question be so submitted. The four trustees shall be elected at the first general November election held after the additional trustees have been authorized, provided that this election is not held less than four months after the increase to four trustees is authorized (MCL 168.358).

  As the name implies, a trustee is an individual placed in a position of public trust with fiduciary responsibilities to manage the affairs of the township for the best interests of the public. The trustee has the responsibility to attend township board meetings and participate in decisions and deliberations. Trustees should be given an opportunity to investigate and study important decisions before voting. They should insist upon this opportunity if it has not been afforded them, unless they feel qualified to make a decision without such study and investigation.

Trustees are frequently given additional duties and responsibilities by township board action. They are not required to accept such responsibilities but, where possible, should be willing to do so for the best interests of the township. They may be compensated for these additional duties, provided the compensation is determined prior to engaging in the activities. Such additional duties may include serving as police commissioner, fire commissioner, public utilities director, commissioner of noxious weeds, a member of the zoning board of appeals, a volunteer fire fighter, a member of the planning commission and other functions (MCL 41.96 and Article XI, Sec. 3 of the Michigan Constitution).