Secord Township   1507 Secord Dam Road    Gladwin,  Michigan 48624
Township Board - 2020 - December 16
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Secord Township Meeting
December 16,  2020

Meeting was called to order by Supervisor Joel Vernier at 10:00 via in compliance under extended MDHHS epidemic order and recited the Pledge of allegiance.

Roll Call:

Supervisor Joel Vernier

Treasurer Kathie Hart

Clerk Maria Alward

Trustee Bill Bowman

Trustee Martin Holmes

10 interested residents were in attendance.

Minutes of October 21, 2020 regular meeting were reviewed.

Motion by Holmes/ Bowman to accept as presented 5 ayes. M/C

Consent Agenda/Changes to Agenda

Roll Call: Roll Call was taken in compliance of virtual meeting protocol with Board members stating name, position and location.

Public Comment: None

Treasurer's Report:

General Fund                 $687,572.79
Fire Fund                           30,286.57
Garbage Fund                    30,657.81
Road Fund                       240,790.56
Mosquito Fund                  22,539.36
Weed Control Fund          369,186.21
Total Funds                 $1,381,033.30

Motion by Holmes /Alward to receive & file treasurers report.

5 ayes M/C

Public Comment: None

Bills To Be Paid: Clerk Maria Alward presented bills; $35,409.23 & Payroll $9,124.32

Motion by Alward /Hart to pay the bills as presented. M/C

Guest: Bob North asked a notice be put up; Lake /Ice danger.

Motion to put notice on Secord Township web-site. Vernier/Holmes all ayes M/CCorrespondence Received: Clerk Maria Alward read the following: Sharon Page sent e-mail to election committee/job well done. Charter; New channels on or after Dec 31, 2020/Rate increase on silver/gold package of $5.00.

Franchise fee. Road Commissioner sent report. Fire Board minutes. Insurance Bond has been issues on new township officials. Letter from resident request a letter form Township that she never be charged again for Lake Weed removal.

Berg Assessing: Poverty Guidelines.


Planning Commission :Position open on Planning Board.

Fire Board : Holmes reported 13 runs; 8 medical, 4 fire, 1 mutual aid. Budget is done. Next Meeting Jan 11, 2021 @ 10:00.

Fire Chief: New Chassis in February. Shop for Heroes;4 (four) children. Heroes shopped and delivered gifts. Well is working fine. Call in Grim resulted in Rescuers up to chest in water. Fire Dept. needs waders.

Constable: Mailed to Clerk. All is well. Eagles is closed due to restrictions. Campground is closed.

Road Committee: None

Zoning Administrator: None

Ordinance Officer: 4 or 5 ongoing blight issues.

Well and Septic: 6 inspections-all in compliance. Bowman and Combs are working on 1 septic issue to bring it in compliance. Bowman is working on 1 with Attorney & Health Dept.

Other Business:

Key Update: Date to chance locks is not determined at this time. Mac is very busy.

Council of Local Government: On hold due to Covid-19.

Resolution to Purchase Fire Truck: Resolved at Special Meeting Nov, 18 2020.

Lake Weed Assessment: August 2019; Report on Lake weeds and Blue Algae. The cost of future problems due to lack of water may be higher. Lake Weed Funds can only be used that purpose. Two Public Meetings will be needed at that time.

Vandalize: Township Hall had tree ripped out. Police report was made. Cameras were installed.

ISP: Jeff Hall; New technology on Fire Hall Tower. Township has been upgraded; need booster for meeting room.

Garbage Assessment Removal: Needs additional research and documentation on an individual's parcel before action can be taken.

Computer and Cash box: Treasures request was denied.

Public Comment/Announcements: None

Motion to Adjourn by Holmes/Bowman @ 10:37 am M/C