Secord Township   1507 Secord Dam Road    Gladwin,  Michigan 48624
Township Board - 2020 - October 21
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Secord Township Meeting
October 21  2020

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Colin Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Board members seated were socially distanced apart. Residents temperature was taken by Chief Shaver were seated and socially distanced along with masks in place.

Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Maria Alward as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs, Treasurer Linda Ronne, Clerk Maria Alward, Trustees Bill Bowman and Martin Holmes were present. 18 interested residents were in attendance.

Public Comment: Laura Brandon-Maveal, County Clerk, spoke of her bid for re-election. She is a life long resident of Gladwin County. She stated Positivity is the key roll of a candidate of forward thinking.

Doug Jacobson asked for support for re-election, Trustee, to the Board of Mid-Michigan Collage District.

Correspondence: Alward read the following: A thank you note from ORV Run. Over 200 persons participated. Fire Board Meeting Minuets of 9/7/2020. Charter/Spectrum statement and due dates will change 10/31/2020.

Minutes: September 16, 2020 Regular meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Bowman to accept as presented 5 ayes, M/C

Treasurer’s Report: Report was read by Treasurer Ronne as follows:

General Fund                     $682,325.01
Fire Fund                              19,188.24
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve    72,076.78
Garbage Fund                       69,953.67
Road Fund                          249,885.42
Mosquito Fund 2                    9,205.30
Weed Control Fund             369,163.91
Total Funds                    $1,491,798.33

Motion by Alward/Holmes to receive and file the treasurer’s report. 5 ayes, M/C

Bills to be paid: Alward presented bills to be paid total of $37,922.88. Motion to pay bills Alward/Combs 5 ayes M/C

Motion: To add Attorney Contract to Agenda. Combs/Bowman M/C Roll Call all ayes.

Motion: To accept 9/25/2020 Special Meeting Minuets. Combs/Holmes M/C


Berg Assessing: Jodi Berg reported with 9 properties left to re-assess they will be done for this year. Field work of the expectation of a 30-50 % reduction is NOT coming from Assessing office. Berg Assessing did look at Secord sales and found properties are selling higher than assessments. The County has to assess, then Berg does their assessments.

County Commissioner: Joel Vernier reported on FEMA; the extension to file is November 28, 2020 for permanent residents. There was 131 residents county wide with well problems. Now there is 530. The Rural Development, Reg. 7 and MMCA paid in full for the well at the Fire House. Joel submits a Commissioner report to the Township every month.

Rose Pest Control: Mark reported the spraying went well despite Covid-19.There were 114 calls, which is down from last year. The tests for West Nile were negative. The 3 rd Monday in April is the proposed date to start in 2021.

Committee Reports:

Planning Committee: None at this time.

Fire Board: Martin Holmes reported there were 17 runs; 13 medical, 2 Fire and 2 mutual aid.

The grant was approved thanks to Joel Vernier. The well is almost finished.

Motion: To add Karen Gowron to the Fire Board as an Alternate. Combs/Holmes M/C

Fire Chief: Chief Fred Shavers reports the well is 240+ feet (8 in.). The Fire truck is due in the fall of 2021. As there was many forest accidents, the trailer was very handy for recovery.

Constable: Maxine Larson reported all is well as of the 12 th.

Road Committee: None at this time. Combs thanked the Board and Mike Fagan.

Zoning Administrator: Pat Drake reports a few permits submitted.

Ordinance Officer: Combs reported 4 open complaints, 1 new.

Well and Septic report: Bowman reported 3 new applications, all passed. One in Court process. There are still problems with the “Point of Sale”, but he is following through.

Other Business:

Council of Local Government: Did not attend due to Covid 19 restrictions. Joel will take over and get information from the County.

Keys for the Hall/Change of Locks: Mac's wife is ill at this time. He may be available to change the locks in November.

Contract for New Accounting Software for Clerks Office: CSA Software down payment is due.

Motion: Check for $2,800.00 to CSA. Combs/Holmes M/C Roll Call all ayes.

Transfer of Lake Weed Fund to an Interest Bering Account: Letter from Tara Hovey stated it is OK if interest is used for Weed Fund only.

Motion: Transfer Funds to a CD. Combs/Bowman M/C Roll Call all ayes

Attorney Contract: Change to contract; $750.00 annual.

Motion: To keep Attorney on Retainer. Combs/Ronne M/C Roll Call all ayes

Public Comment/Announcements: None

Motion to adjourn by Ronne/Alward M/C

Maria Alward, Clerk