Secord Township   1507 Secord Dam Road    Gladwin,  Michigan 48624
Township Board - 2020 - September 16
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Secord Township Meeting
September 16,  2020

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Colin Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Board members seated were socially distanced apart. Residents temperature was taken by Chief Shaver were seated and socially distanced along with masks in place.

Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Maria Alward as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs, Treasurer Linda Ronne, Clerk Maria Alward, Trustees Bill Bowman and Martin Holmes were present. 29 interested residents were in attendance.

Public Comment: Judy Bowman; Reg. 7 will have free face masks, sanitizer & non-perishable food to distribute. Name & birth date is required.

Correspondence: Alward read the following: Fire board & Planning/Zoning minutes received. Letter from Law Office; Zoning Issue.

Minutes of August 19, 2020 regular meeting were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Bowman to accept as presented 5 ayes, M/C

Treasurerís Report: Report was read by Treasurer Ronne as follows:

General Fund                     $680,920.42
Fire Fund                            172,906.28
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve    71,986.71
Garbage Fund                       90,166.98
Road Fund                          249,875.17
Mosquito Fund                      36,588.95
Weed Control Fund             369,148,78
Total Funds                     $1,671,593.29

Motion by Bowman/Holmes to receive and file the treasurerís report. 5 ayes, M/C

Bills to be paid:Alward presented bills to be paid. Motion to pay bills Alward/Combs 5 ayes M/C


County Commissioner Joel Vernier reported on his work and meetings this past month. He request residents to register with FEMA and take the time to fill out the Census. Grants for the Fire protection wells are complete; USAD $19,300, Region 7 $13,000, MMCA $8-10,000 for match. He thanked Chief Shaver for the work he put in to accomplish this goal.

Committee Reports:

Planning Committee: VanWambeke announced his resignation and is returned the Zoning Book. There is no new chairman at this time. The Planning book need some revisions. There will be 9 meetings in 2021.

Fire Board: Chairman Marty Holmes reported there were 5 runs last month: All were medical. A Public Hearing will be held for Wells Issue on Sept 25, 2020 @ 8:30 am.. CSI/ Grayling Chassis on order. They are working on the Fire Hydrant by the Eagles.

Fire Chief: Chief Fred Shaver stated he can not stop burning on the lake bed. It is Boyce Land. The stumps will be a safety issue this winter. The rescue team can not go on the lake for emergency needs. Reported he is looking into alternative vehicles for Lake emergencies. Chief Shave thanked Kathy Wilton for all the work she has done though the years.

Constable: Hart turned in the paperwork and stated all is well. The Campground store is not
always open.

Road Committee: VanWambeke toured the new facility. Reported that signs on the telephone poles are not allowed. All roads still are in good shape. There will be some improvements next year. The extension of W. River Dr. had been tabled at this time, but will come up in the future. There are new maps to be filed and placed in the Township Hall.

Motion made to appoint Ken Douglas to the road Commission. Combs/Holmes Roll Call 5 ayes M/C.

Zoning Administrator: 3 permits issued with one sent back for variance.

Ordinance Officer: Combs will be the new enforcement officer. All complaints should come from the Planning Commission. Motion made by Alward/Holmes. Roll Call 5 ayes M/C

Well and Septic report: Bill Bowman reported 6 new documents filed, 5 have passed. Lakeshore resident has responded on septic field issue. Resident is working with the Health Department.

Other Business:

ISP Upgrade: Jeff upgraded the service.

Keys: The Township Hall needs to have the locks changed at the cost of $430.00 by Mac.

Motion to re-key: Combs/Alward M/C

ORV Run: Was well attended. Everyone had a lot of fun. Thank you to Kathy Wilton for setting this function up.

Moolenaar/SBA Meeting: Meeting went well. DC & the Governor were in attendance. There is 3% Loans available. Contact C. Combs for more

Security Cameras: Motion to buy 4 Cameras at $360.00 Combs/Alward. Roll Call 5 ayes M/C

Computer: A laptop is needed for the Clerk. Motion to purchase Laptop Combs/Bowman Roll Call 5 ayes M/C.

Public Comment/Announcements:

Vernier informed community of the Immunization Clinic.

Resident commented that if the Road from Secord Dam to W. River Dr. is open for fishing that it is a private road and will result in a court case with the Association.

P. Cipponeri, Lakeshore Dr. questioned why the grass is not been cut. State roads are cleared first, then County roads. County deems it a cost saving measure.

Colin Combs thanked everyone by name that he has worked with over the years.

Combs read a letter from Laura Brandon-Maveal, County Clerk thanking Kathy Wilton for all

her years of work. Kathy also received a perfect score on the Election Report Card.

Combs also read a letter from Governor Gretchen Whitmer thanking Kathy Wilton for all her work in Government.

Kathy Wilton thanked everyone, especially Colin, for all their work over the years.

Motion to adjourn by Combs/Ronne at 11:15 am

Maria Alward
Secord Township Clerk
1507 Secord Dam Rd
Gladwin MI 48624