Secord Township   1507 Secord Dam Road    Gladwin,  Michigan 48624
Township Board - 2020 - July 15
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Secord Township Meeting
July 15, 2020

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Colin Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Board members seated were socially distanced apart. Residents were seated and socially distanced along with masks in place.

Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Kathy Wilton as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs, Treasurer Linda Ronne, Clerk Kathy Wilton, Trustees Bill Bowman and Martin Holmes were present. 23 interested residents were in attendance.

A moment of silence was observed by all in honor of Earl Chervus, a devoted Secord resident who passed away in June.

Public Comment: none

Correspondence: Wilton read the following: fire board minutes received, Charter increasing several packages, planning minutes received, Hazardous Waste Day will be August 22 from 9 to 2 in the City of Gladwin for Secord residents, and a permit from EGLE for 2867 Lakeshore, 2863 Lakeshore and 2871 Lakeshore were received.

Minutes of June 17, 2020 regular meeting were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Ronne to accept as presented 5 ayes, M/C

Minutes of June 17, 2020 budget hearing were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Bowman to accept as present with correction that Holmes was present at the meeting. 5 Ayes. M/C

Treasurerís Report: Report was read by Treasurer Ronne as follows:

General Fund                        $674,482.72
Fire Fund                                177,219.29
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve        70,223.29
Garbage Fund                         105,495.83
Road Fund                              298,696.30
Mosquito Fund                         57,217.46
Weed Control Fund                345,362.29
Total Funds                        $1,778,697.46

Motion by Combs/Wilton to receive and file the treasurerís report. 5 ayes, M/C

Motion by Combs/Ronne to remove garbage assessment on 2020 winter tax bill for 2632 Lakeshore 130-015-400-044-00 as it is now a second lot. All ayes. M/C

Bills to be paid: Wilton read the following bills to be paid: General fund $41,753.64 Fire Fund $2,709.15 and payroll $8,444.32 Motion by Holmes/Combs to pay the bills as presented. 5 ayes, M/C


Terry Walters, running for Gladwin County Drain Commissioner addressed the meeting. He stated his experience and asked for votes.

Berg Assessing: Berg gave an overview of why the water levels won't effect this year due to the fact they are based on year end of 2019. Gladwin Co. Equalization sets the perimeters based on input from the township assessors and sale of property. He asked if we should continue the property assessment since it had been stopped due to covid. Motion by Wilton/Holmes to restart the visual assessing as soon as the property notices are sent out. 5 ayes M/C.

County Commissioner Joel Vernier reported on his work and meetings this past month. He has been involved in getting well water tested and trying to help those in need of assistance.

Combs discussed several contracts that need to be renewed. The contracts with the Sheriff's Dept for the noise ordinance, Attorney Tara Hovey, and with ISP Mgt for space on the tower all need review and renewal. Motion by Homes/Bowman to renew with the Sheriff's Dept. All ayes M/C Motion by Holmes and Bowman to renew a 3 year contract with ISP Mgt. All ayes M/C Motion by Wilton/Bowman to renew for a 3 year contract with Hovey. All ayes. M/C

Committee Reports:

Planning Committee: VanWambeke said they passed out new constable responsibilities/duties. Motion by Combs/Holmes to accept the proposed duties based on a public hearing that the planning commission will schedule. Roll call: Holmes, Bowman, Wilton, Combs, Ronne all yes. M/C Their next meeting, Sept 9th will discuss the police power ordinances. The secretary of the planning commission will have direct contact with our webmaster to get things posted. Kerry Shaffer will be our new Zoning Board of Appeals person. Wilton will swear him in after the meeting. Thanks for stepping up, Kerry!

Fire Board: Chairman Marty Holmes reported there were 8 runs last month: 7 were medical, 1 fire. Burning of any sort needs to have DNR permit as everything is still very dry and grass fires can easily start. There will be a public hearing for the fire department to make future equipment plans on August 15th at 10am.

Fire Chief: Chief Fred Shaver stated he is concerned about water availability for fires with the river down so low. He has several areas he is looking at for water sources. Tanks have been donated from Home Depot and Michigan State Police but only hold so much water. Still more sources needed. He has done several fire inspections in the area and those with issues are complying with findings made. Shaver requested Ronne file with so he will have access to future grant availability.

Constable: Hart turned in the paperwork and stated all is well.

Road Committee: VanWambeke reported on all the progress that has been made this summer. All projects are done with the exception of striping which will be done soon. Gravel will not be needed this year. E. Ridge will be resubmitted for 2021 to the road commission along with area on Secord Dam Rd near M-30.

Zoning Administrator: 25 permits and 2 variances have been issued so far.

Ordinance Officer: Combs reported he
has 4 cases still open and 1 new one added.
Well and Septic report: Bill Bowman reported: 3 new are being worked on. The Health Dept is still trying to catch up with their back log, well testing will be either done by the home owner If a home is torn down, well and septic have to be capped and closed down. Lakeshore owner is putting in new field but seems to be too close to the road. It is being looked at by the Health Dept. Countywide point of sale public hearing has been moved to September.

Other Business:

Lake Weed Control: Bree of PLM was at our meeting. Discussion on algae blooms. It would take continuous spraying (weekly) to knock it back. If it were toxic algae then we would do more but at this point we won't be spraying or doing weed control.

Mosquito Control: Rose has been out spraying as long as the weather allows.

Rental Homes: Our ordinance states that rental homes must have current well and septic inspection before they can be rented.

Election: Absentee ballot applications are available. Election workers were approved at Election Board meeting held at 9:30 am. They are Wendy Rowe, Marilyn Rowe, Jean Jurgenson, Mary DeCook, Jenny Carroll, Maxine Larson and Kathy Halloran as chairperson.

We have potions open on several boards. Please contact Supervisor Colin Combs if you are interested in helping guide this township.

Public Comment/Announcements: Kathie Hart stated you can have your water tested through the Health Dept. They have bottles available.

Combs said the webinar tomorrow for the Four Lakes Task Force is at 3pm tomorrow and already had a large audience signed up for it.

Motion to adjourn by Holmes/Bowman at 11:06am

Kathy Wilton, Clerk