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Archive - Township Board - 2019 - October 16
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Secord Township Meeting
October 16, 2019

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Kathy Wilton as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs, Treasurer Linda Ronne, Clerk Kathy Wilton, Trustees Bill Bowman and Martin Holmes were present. 17 interested residents were in attendance.

Public Comment: None

Correspondence: Wilton read the following: letter from Spectrum stating they are adding several different channels, planning minutes and fire board minutes received.

Minutes of September 18, 2019 regular meeting were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Bowman to accept as presented. all ayes M/C

Treasurerís Report: Report was read by Treasurer Ronne as follows:
General Fund                       $614,734.60
Fire Fund                               125,542.01
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve       47,397.39
Garbage Fund                          89,856.57
Road Fund                             395,149.08
Mosquito Fund                        22,372.12
Weed Control Fund               121,751.22
Total Funds                      $1,416,802.99
Motion by Wilton/Bowman to receive and file the treasurerís report.
All ayes M/C

Ronne presented a tax receipting program from BS&A that would allow title and real estate companies to link into the program to get information they need on properties rather than call the treasurer. This would save a lot of time and phone calls and no cost to the township. Motion by Wilton/Combs to set program up with a link on our website also. All ayes. M/C

Bills to be paid: Wilton read the following bills to be paid: General fund $37,285.46 Fire Fund $1,567.24 and payroll $8,079.32 Motion by Holmes/Ronne to pay the bills as presented. All Ayes M/C

Rose Pest Control: Mark Lucero presented the report for mosquito control for Secord Twp. 394 man hours were used for control this year and the call volume was minimal. Combs thanked Lucero for calling Clement and trying to coordinate a program for them.
Berg Assessing: Jodi Berg stated that reappraisals have are finishing up in the W. Branch Dr, Pinecrest, Pinehurst and Pineland areas. The will cover about 20 percent of the homes in that general area as well as work on building permits. She stated she has had a great deal of cooperation and residents have been very nice to work with.
County Commissioner Joel Vernier: Joel spoke about a variety of meetings he has attended. He is working on a siren to be installed at Secord Dam. Gladwin DDA approved the property purchase for MidMichigan Community Action Agency to property to build a 6.5 million dollar 55 year and older complex, and the commissioners passed a point of sale inspection for well and septic on a countywide level. He thanked Combs for contacting the other townships and reporting that all were in favor of the inspections except for Grout Twp that Combs was unable to contact. He also spoke of the dam emergency exercise that was held for Midland and Gladwin Counties and the only Fire Chief that attended from Gladwin County was Fred Shaver, Secord Chief.
Secord Lake Association: Chairman Phil Dast reported on the meeting. They are working on a website and getting information out to the residents. Dast also reported on the 4 Lakes Task Force and the agreement with Boyce Hydro is getting closer to being done. They are working on a list of repairs that are needed at all 4 dams and the timeline for the repairs. Gate hoists are all original and all need to be replaced.
Committee Reports:
Planning Committee: Gary VanWambeke reported there would be a public hearing on ordinance changes on Saturday, November 2nd. The committee is not happy with the website and would like it to be updated faster. They would like more control of the site and see a new one created.
Fire Board: Chairman Marty Holmes reported there were 5 runs last month: All were medical. They have just received word that there is an issue with one of the trucks and they are working on that.
Fire Chief: Chief Fred Shaver reported burn permits are needed and available on line and reminded everyone that there is no burning in ditches. The new rescue trailer had to be used to help a man who fell out of a tree stand on state land. A spaghetti dinner is planned for June 20, 2020 at the Eagles to raise money towards a new rescue boat. The main line pumper is having an issue and it's been dealt with. Chief Shaver also presented a resolution for the state fire insurance withholding program. He recommends that we enter into the program at no cost to the township or department. Holmes stated the fire board recomments the resolution. Motion by Holmes/Combs to sign and pass resolution 10-1-19. Roll call: Ronne, Combs, Wilton, Bowman, and Holmes all ayes. Resolution passes.

Township of Secord

Resolution 10-1-19

Whereas, the provisions of Act 495 of the Public Acts of 1980: as amended by Act 216 of the Public Acts of 1998, and the provisions of Act 217 of the Public Acts of 1998, provide that a portion of certain casualty losses for the fire or explosion otherwise payable by insurer may be withheld in escrow by participating municipalities in order to secure repair, replacement or removal of damaged structures which violate the Township of Secord health or safety standards; and

Whereas, the Township of Secord has determined that participation in said program would protect and promote the public health, safety and welfare and wishes to be included in the list of participating municipalities published by the Commissioner of Insurance; and,

Whereas, the Township of Secord desires to implement all procedures necessary to administer said program by designating the Secord Fire Chief responsible for administration of the program and establish an escrow account with the Secord Treasurer for said purpose.

Now therefore be it Resolved as follows:
1). That the Township of Secord does hereby become a participating municipality in the program providing the the escrow of the fire insurance as established by the provisions of Act 495 of the Public Acts of 1980: as amended by Act 216 of the Public Acts of 1998, or as established by the provisions of Act 217 of the Public Acts of 1998, and does declare its intention to uniformly apply the provisions of Section 2845 or Section 2227 to all property within the Township of Secord.
2). That the Township of Secord official responsible for the administration of Section 2845 or 2227 of said Acts and any rules promulgated by the Commissioner of Financial and Insurance Services is hereby designated as follows: the Secord Fire Chief and the Secord Treasurer.
3). That the Township of Secord Treasurer shall establish an escrow account with Chemical Bank for the purpose of receiving and holding deposits of money received from the insurers pursuant to the Section 2845 or 2227 of said Acts, which account shall be separately maintained from all other accounts and may be an interest bearing account.

Ayes: Ronne, Combs, Wilton, Bowman, Holmes
Nayes: non

I hereby certify, that the foregoing is a Resolution duly made and passed by the full board of Secord Township at their regular meeting held on October 16, 2019 at 10:00a.m in Secord Township, Gladwin County MI with a full quorum present.

Kathy Wilton,
Secord Clerk

Constable: Larson turned in her paperwork and stated all was well. Hart still has not turned in any paperwork for July or September.
Road Committee: Chairman VanWambeke gave an overview of the years projects and stated everything has been completed for Secord. He gave the board an outline for 2020 projects.
Zoning Administrator: Sabourin stated 7 new permits issued and many more have been given out.
Ordinance Officer: 3 files are open and being worked on.
Well and Septic report: Bill Bowman reported: The health department is doing inspections. We now have a list to cross reference for homes that have been sold without notice/permit are now being reviewed and will be made to come into compliance. Our ordinance is sound and it is the responsibility of the seller and/or buyer to bring well and septic into compliance.
Other Business:
Council of Local Government: The Harvest potluck dinner will be at Butman October 28th at 6:30.
4 Lakes Task Force: Included with Lake Association report.
Secord Lake Property Owners Association: Combs stated they may continue to use the hall and they will be holding a regular meeting each 2nd Saturday of the month at 10am at the Secord Twp Hall. All residents above Secord Dam are invited to attend.
Filing a Complaint: When filing a complaint with the supervisor for blight or any other matter, you must do it in writing, if possible supply pictures and you must give a contact phone and name as to who you are. You can file a complaint by email or by letter but you must give us contact information.
Audit: Wilton stated the auditors were here and all went well.
911 meeting: Combs reported there was a lot of discussion of house bills. He also advised everyone to text 888777 to NIXEL for alerts of weather and other things from the county Emergency Manager.
Public Comment/Announcements: Combs stated that he has always tried his very best to work on projects for the township. It is a legacy he is proud of serving. He announced he will not be running for supervisor again in the 2020 election but has found a person he feels is highly qualified to carry on that legacy. Joel Vernier will be running for supervisor of Secord in 2020.
Judy Boman wished Joel Vernier a Happy Birthday.

Motion to adjourn by Ronne/Bowman at 11:20am

Kathy Wilton, Clerk