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Archive - Township Board - 2019 - September 18
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Secord Township Meeting
September18, 2019

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Kathy Wilton as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs, Treasurer Linda Ronne, Clerk Kathy Wilton, Trustees Bill Bowman and Martin Holmes were present. 20 interested residents were in attendance.
Public Comment: Combs announced that Rose Pest Control would be at the October meeting to give final overview of the summer mosquito program.
Correspondence: Wilton read the following: There will be an open house at the Republic Waste Landfill on September 19, fire board minutes received, , letter from Spectrum stating they are raising costs of several different items, planning minutes of 2 August meeting received.
Minutes of August 21, 2019 regular meeting were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Combs to accept as presented. all ayes M/C
Treasurer’s Report: Report was read by Treasurer Ronne as follows:

General Fund                         $649,520.30
Fire Fund                                 137,378.34
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve         46,381.63
Garbage Fund                           108,377.09
Road Fund                                468,505.66
Mosquito Fund                            28,322.01
Weed Control Fund                  160,432.80
Total Funds                          $1,598,917.83

Motion by Combs/Holmes to receive and file the treasurer’s report.
All ayes M/C
Ronne presented 2 properties for garbage and weed cost removal. Property 130-055-000-007-00 owned by the township to have weed control removed. Motion by Combs/Wilton to remove weed control on lot 7. All ayes. M/C
Ronne then presented a request to have weed control removed for Rod/Vansipe on 130-054-000-003-03. After discussion, it was determined that this property is waterfront and the tax bill is correct. Roll call: Ronne yes, Combs yes, Witlon yes, Bowman yes, Holmes yes. All ayes. M/C
Bills to be paid: Wilton read the following bills to be paid: General fund $163,814.44 Fire Fund $9,104.18 and payroll $9,964.32 Motion by Bowman/Ronne to pay the bills as presented. All Ayes M/C

MDNR Officer Patrick Mohney presented 240 acres with Tea Creek running through it, that is now privately owned that the MDNR is interested in purchasing on Ridge Rd west of Three Rivers. This would allow contiguous property management for the MDNR. Motion by Wilton/Combs to pass resolution 2019-9-1. Roll call vote: Combs yes, Wilton yes, Bowman yes, Holmes yes, Ronne yes. M/C


WHEREAS, the Township of Secord supports the Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) grant application (#19-0178) to the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund for the proposed acquistition of the Tea Creek Property consisting of 240 acres of forested land containing of ½ mile of Tea Creek frontage and located in the Township 19N Range 01E Section 26 of Secord Township, Gladwin County, Michigan: and,

WHEREAS, the location of the proposed DNR acquistition is within the jurisdiction of The Township of Secord and,

WHEREAS, with the resolution of support it is acknowledged that the Township of Secord is not committing to any obligations; financial of otherwise,

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Township of Secord hereby supports the grant application and the proposed acquistition of the Tea Creek Property by the DNR.




I HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing is a Resolution duly made and passed by the full board of Secord Township at their regular meeting held on September 18, 2019 at 10a.m in Secord Township, Gladwin County, MI with a full quorum present.
Clerk Dated:

PLM Lake Weed: Bree Grabill gave a year end report for Secord and Smallwood waters. They came in a couple thousand under budget for the year. Overall they sprayed 155 acres for algae, 183 acres for wild celery and 132 acres for exotic weeds. The Starry Stonewart came in late this year. She is still working on the snail issue to identify them. She has contacted MSU Extension, MSU, and Central Michigan University. So far, no answers.
Berg Assessing: Jodi Berg stated that reappraisals have started in the W. Branch Dr, Pinecrest, Pinehurst and Pineland areas. The will cover about 20 percent of the homes in that general area as well as work on building permits.
County Commissioner Joel Vernier: Joel spoke about a variety of meetings he has attended. He is working on a siren to be installed at Secord Dam. Gladwin DDA approved the property purchase for MidMichigan Community Action Agency to property to build a 6.5 million dollar 55 year and older complex, and he is working on a point of sale inspection for well and septic on a countywide level.
Committee Reports:
Planning Committee: Jim Carroll gave the report for the committee. They are are suggesting to add real estates and escrow account to be established for point of sale inspections. Motion by Combs/Wilton to hold public hearing on changes to the Point of Sale Ordinance. All ayes. Motion carried. The Planning Committee will see if there is anything else to add to a public hearing and establish a time and date.
Fire Board: Chairman Marty Holmes reported there were 15 runs last month: 14 medical, 1 mutual aide. Rescue trailer has been received. The Sheriff doesn't want to sell us the boat so fund raising for the boat will begin. A spaghetti dinner is planned for June 20, 2020 at the Eagles already.
Fire Chief: Chief Fred Shaver reported that no fireworks are allowed by state law again until December 31st. Burn permits are needed and available on line. The new rescue trailer is being used and several have been trained on it's use.
Constable: Hart did not turn in her report. She stated Hart still did not turn in her report for July.
Road Committee: Jerry Douglas reported Secord Dam to the East of Three Rivers should be done soon. Paving will be done in 2020. The county road commission will not have much for matching funds in 2020 for Secord Twp. Our plans will be limited to about $133,000.00 next year. Wilton asked if we should then lower the millage on the taxes due to the decreased activity. Douglas said yes. Discussion was then had and decided that 1 mill should be sufficient for next years projects. That will be a decrease of ½ mill from 2019.
Zoning Administrator: Sabourin stated 35 permits issued and many more have been given out.
Ordinance Officer: 3 files are open and being worked on and 4 have been closed.
Well and Septic report: Bill Bowman reported: Tickets are now being issued for failed inspections to sellers, buyers and title companies that didn't comply with our ordinance. Houses that have been sold without notice/permit are now being reviewed and will be made to come into compliance. Our ordinance is sound and it is the responsibility of the seller and/or buyer to bring well and septic into compliance.
Other Business:
Council of Local Government: The Harvest dinner will be at Butman at the end of October.
4 Lakes Task Force: No report.
Secord Lake Property Owners Association: They will be holding a regular meeting each 2nd Saturday of the month at 10am at the Secord Twp Hall. All residents above Secord Dam are invited to attend. Meeting was last Saturday. PLM gave their report.
Property owned by township: No further info on lot for sale.
The 2nd piece of Boman property was discussed. Our attorney thinks we should hold the property.
Filing a Complaint: When filing a complaint with the supervisor for blight or any other matter, you must do it in writing, if possible supply pictures and you must give a contact phone and name as to who you are. You can file a complaint by email or by letter but you must give us contact information.
Clement Twp Meeting: Combs met with Clement Supervisor Karon Hoffman to discuss several things since we share the same waterway. At the meeting in August, Combs was told they couldn't get estimates for mosquito control. Combs called Rose Pest Solutions and they have tried several times to contact Clement with an estimate and have not had anyone return their calls.
Rose Pest Solutions: Mosquito spray is done for the year.
Audit: Wilton stated the auditors will be here October 3rd.
Sprinkler System: Wilton received a 3 year contract from Prescription Rain. Motion by Combs/Holmes to sign contract. All ayes. M/C

L-4029: Wilton stated the following resolution needed to be passed setting the millage rates for 2019 winter taxes. Motion by Combs/Holmes to adopt as presented.

Secord Township

Whereas, the Board of Secord Township recognizes the need to establish for property tax millage, waste removal, lake weed, mosquito control and street light rates to be levied December 1, 2019, the Township Board resolves that the following rates be assessed at the Secord Twp Board meeting September 18, 2019.

Therefore be it resolved the following millages will be set as follows:

General Operating 0.6083
Fire 1.25
Roads 1.0
Mosquito Control 0.4500

Waste Removal $140.00

Lake and Weed Control
• Lake Front Parcels $210.00
• Back Lot Parcels $45.00

Street Lights $25.00 for existing street lights in the special assessment areas

Motion by Combs

Second by Holmes

Ayes: Bowman, Holmes, Ronne, Combs,Wilton
Nayes: 0

I hereby declare the following resolution passed at the Secord Twp Board meeting on September 18, 2019 for tax purposes on the December 2019 tax levies.

Kathy Wilton, Secord Twp Clerk
September 18, 2019

Public Comment/Announcements: Vernier reported there will be a fund raiser for New Dawn Shelter on Saturday.

Motion to adjourn by Ronne/Bowman at 11:20am

Kathy Wilton, Clerk