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Archive - Township Board - 2019 - May 15
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Secord Township Meeting
May 15, 2019

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Kathy Wilton as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs, Treasurer Linda Ronne, Clerk Kathy Wilton, Trustee Bill Bowman and Trustee Martin Holmes were present. 19 interested residents were in attendance.

Public Comment: Larry VanSlembrouck stated he is having an issue with a retaining wall he would like to install. Combs stated he and Sabourin would discuss it with Mr. VanSlembrouck after the meeting.

Correspondence: Wilton read the following: fire board minutes received, Planning minutes received, Rose Pest Solutions set out light traps, Mich Public Service commission hearing with Consumers Energy and we received a dividend check from Mich Twp Participating Plan.

Minutes of April 17, 2019 regular meeting were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Bowman to accept as presented. 5 ayes M/C

Treasurerís Report: Report was read by Treasurer Ronne as follows:

General Fund                               $645,605.61
Fire Fund                                       163,052.47
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve              44,428.56
Garbage Fund                                158,985.71
Road Fund                                     459,713.96
Mosquito Fund                                48,711.78
Weed Control Fund                       322,045.42
Total Funds                               $1,842,543.51

Motion by Wilton/Bowman to receive and file the treasurerís report. Wilton noted the Treasurerís office and the Clerk's office still have a discrepancy on figures from January and will let the auditors examine.

5 ayes M/C

Ronne then presented an investment policy. Deputy Jean Jurgensen reviewed the policy/resolution and clarified a couple of questions. Motion by Ronne/Wilton to accept the policy in resolution form and have a report back at next months meeting as to what the banks are offering for 100,000 for a 24 month CD.


Be it resolved that,

The Township Treasurer is authorized to deposit and/or invest in the following institutions:

- Chase Bank (JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.)

- Chemical Bank

- Comerica Bank

- Mercantile Bank of Michigan


All securities are to be issued in the name of Secord Township.

Lawful investment instruments that are not available from the above named financial institutions may be purchased from brokerage firms that are licensed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Be it hereby noted, that the prospectus of any funds in which Secord Township monies are invested will be available in the treasurerís office for review.

Financial institutions shall be selected on the basis of their record of satisfactory performance, financial stability and anticipated yields. The Treasurer shall select investments that protect principal as the primary goal. While it is also highly desirable to optimize yields, the most important objectives are the safety of the investment and liquidity to meet the township needs.

The Treasurer is authorized to invest in the following instruments:

- Certificate of Deposit

- Savings Accounts

- Money market mutual funds composed of investment vehicles which are permitted under State law for direct investments.

With the following, the Treasurer must have the Boards prior approval:

- High grade commercial paper, rated within the three highest grades by at least two national rating services; the term to maturity may not be more than 270 days, and no more than 50% of any fund may be invested in commercial paper at any time.

- Banker acceptance of the United States Banks.

- United States government or Federal agency obligation to repurchase agreements.

- Bonds, securities and other obligations of the United States or instrumentality of the United States in which the principal and interest are fully guaranteed by the United States.

The senior management of any firm, dealer, broker or financial institution shall be given a copy of this document prior to the Treasurer investing or depositing any township funds in such institution.

Moved by Ronne Supported by Wilton

Roll Call: Ronne yes, Combs yes, Wilton yes, Bowman yes, Holmes yes. All ayes.

I certify that this is a complete text of the resolution passed by the Secord Township Board on May 15, 2019

___________________________________ Kathy Wilton,
 Secord Township Clerk Signature

Ronne also presented a property owned by VanSipe that had double garbage fee assessed. Motion by Ronne/Holmes to take garbage assessment off 2613005400000303 All ayes M/C

Bills to be paid: Wilton read the following bills to be paid: General fund $30,024.50 Fire Fund $5,487.45 and payroll $8,471.00 Motion by Combs/Holmes to pay the bills as presented. 5ayes M/C

Guests: Berg Assessing: Allan or Jody were unable to attend but sent a written report. Letters for the spring/summer/fall reappraisal program will go out soon and will cover the West Branch Dr, Pinecrests, and Whispering Pines area.

County Commissioner Joel Vernier: Board assignments have been done, 4 Lakes Task Force went to court and Wixom Lake level has been established, census workers are being hired, airport runway is being extended, splash park is moving forward, and MMCAA honored Wilton with a statewide nomination.

Committee Reports:

Planning Committee: VanWambeke stated that they are concentrating on reviewing ordinances for fireworks, home rentals, septic/well and solar. Fee and fines are also under review.

Fire Board: Chairman Marty Holmes reported: 16 total runs in April: 9 were rescue runs and 3 fire and 4 mutual aid.

Fire Chief: Chief Fred Shaver reported there was a class held at the hall on emotional wellness and was well attended from area depts. He reminded everyone to be sure to get a burning permit at permit and to check it every day because it can change within hours. Burning building materials is considered arson and can be a large fine. A new bill 5939 on Fireworks is in effect and has many new limits on fireworks. Read before you set them off.

Constable: Hart turned in her report and all is well.

Road Committee: Secord Dam Rd has had the ditches grubbed. We will talk at the budget workshop about getting the ditches done throughout the township, any paving will have a 1 day notice due to tight schedule of paving companies.

Zoning Administrator: Sabourin stated 13 permits issued and several more have been given out. She is currently reviewing properties where permits that have been issued and making sure what was said on the permit actually took place.

Ordinance Officer: Still working on the issues on Ash St. Court issued a 60 cleanup with a follow-up in 30 days to see progress.

Well and Septic report: Several properties have been checked and are in compliance. He is constant contact with the Health Dept. A lot of people are in the process of upgrading. Houses that have been sold without notice/permit are now being reviewed.

4 Lakes Task Force: Meeting on May 16 to review progress.

Secord Lake Property Owners Association: Phil Dast reported it is being formed and letters are being sent out. They will soon set up meetings starting in June. They will be requesting a $25.00 per year membership fee.

Goose Round-up: Marvin Ehlert gave a written report on the egg/nest destruction. June 28th at 10am will be the round-up this year for Secord Twp. Anyone who is interested please contact Mr. Ehlert.

Lake Weed Control: Combs reported that PLM checked out the areas in question about spraying for weeds. She will do her best to cover the areas. This also coincided with the weed control assessment in certain areas. They will remain as is in the tax bills.

Council of Local Government: Meeting was at Secord Hall but hosted by Bourret Twp Board on April 29th.

Hall Carpet: Rau has not responded.

Budget: A budget workshop will be set for May 22nd at 10am for all board members. It is open to the public for input.

Quit Claim Deed: Wilton reported: The Boman/Beachside Assoc. property has been registered with the county. The next piece of property (Lot 7) has paperwork being reviewed by attorney Hovey. The next property which is a sliver of land further down needs to be dealt with now. It can be sold. Wilton will get more info on it for possible listing.

Other Business: Meeting with road commission in the fall. Wednesday, Sept 25th is going to be requested.

The county treasurer sent a list of properties in Secord that will be on the foreclosure list. They are: parcels 130-015-400-035-11, 130-015-400-042-01, and 130-015-400-045-01 and are the old Secord Bar and a couple surrounding pieces of property. The township has first rights to the foreclosure. Motion by Wilton/Combs to wave the right to purchase this property. All ayes M/C

Combs has received an estimate for the parking lot to be replaced. We will discuss it further at the budget workshop.

Public Comment/Announcements: Fagan asked when the mosquito spray would start. It will be starting the Thursday before Memorial Day as weather permits.

Carl Kerr asked if he should proceed with sign permit renewals and notices. The board said yes. They are due every 3 years.

Motion to adjourn by Holmes/Bowman at 11:05am

Kathy Wilton, Clerk