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Archive - Township Board - 2018 - December 19
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Secord Township Meeting
December 19, 2018

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Kathy Wilton as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs, Treasurer Linda Ronne, Clerk Kathy Wilton, and Trustees Martin Holmes and Bill Bowman were present. 47 interested residents were in attendance.
Public Comment: Virginia Combs spoke about her 5 acre property split. Special meeting for the Twp Board set for January 3rd at 10am to review split. Judy Boman thanked the board for having a picture of George Washington on the wall because it brought back many memories of the old school house for her.
Correspondence: Wilton read the following correspondence: Fireboard minutes, fireboard meeting dates, Board of Review minutes, 3 DEQ permits for Howden, Erskine and Bekemeier.
Combs: reported that he received a letter from the DNR about closures of trails to ORV's, the trailer park on Lakeshore has been sold and closed on, he received a letter from the state about blight in the trailer park and Dennis Rau will be putting in carpet in the hall after the February meeting. Motion by Combs/Holmes for Property number 130-077-000-061-02 to take off 1/8 weed control cost. All ayes M/C
Minutes of November 21, 2018 regular meeting were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Bowman to accept as presented. 5 ayes M/C

Treasurer’s Report: Report was read by Treasurer Ronne as follows:
General Fund                      $624,593.62
Fire Fund                              104,249.23
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve      22,365.27
Garbage Fund                         66,067.88
Road Fund                            328,413.08
Mosquito Fund                         9,417.56
Weed Control Fund              100,087.58
Total Funds                      $1,255,194.22
Motion by Wilton/Holmes to receive and file the treasurer’s report as presented. 5 Ayes M/C

Bills to be paid: Wilton read the following bills to be paid: General fund $26,647.49 Fire Fund 1,770.56 and payroll 8,536.00 Motion by Combs/Ronne to pay the bills as presented. 5 ayes M/C
Guests: Carol Grove, Land Surveyor reported she has helped about 10 people with the flood zone survey.
Mark Lucero of Rose Pest Solutions gave the end of year report on mosquito control.
Gary Hicks of Republic Waste gave the year end report. He stated he hoped no one else got a new mattress this year because it was a huge year for mattress pickup. They are also having issues with keeping drivers and had a big turnover this year.
Tara Hovey and her assistant Paule, our attorney wished everyone a Merry Christmas.
Bree from PLM Lake Weed Management gave a overview of the lake weed control for the year and said the state permit fees are now due for 2019.
Berg Assessing: Assessor Allan Berg reported that Board of Review is done and went well. Motion by Combs/Holmes to keep the same Board of Review for the next 2 years. All ayes. M/C. Special assessments have been a nightmare in his office and it is the township board that handles those, not the assessors office. If there are questions please call the Supervisor or Treasurer. Discussion on Asset test and income guidelines. Resolution 12-19-1 was offered as follows for income guidelines:

Secord Township
Resolution 12-19-1
Poverty Exemptions Guidelines for 2019

WHEREAS, the adoption of guidelines for poverty exemptions is required of the Secord Twp Board; and
WHEREAS, the principal residence of persons, who the Supervisor/Assessor and Board of Review determines by reason of poverty to be unable to contribute to the public charge, is eligible for exemption in whole or in part from taxation under Public Act 390 of 1994 (MCL 211.7u); and
WHEREAS, pursuant to PA 390 of 1994, the Township of Secord, Gladwin County adopts the following guidelines for the Board of Review to implement. The guidelines shall include but not be limited to the specific income and asset levels of the claimant and all persons residing in the household, including any property tax credit returns, filed in the current or immediately preceding year;
To be eligible, a person shall do all the following on an annual basis:
1) Be an owner of and occupy as a principal residence the property for which an exemption is requested.
2) File a claim with the supervisor/assessor or Board of Review, accompanied by federal and state income tax returns for all persons residing in the principal residence, including any property tax credit returns filed in the immediately preceding year or in the current year.
3) File a claim reporting that the combined assets of all persons do not exceed the current guidelines. Assets include but are not limited to, real estate other than the principal residence, personal property, motor vehicles, recreational vehicles and equipment, certificates of deposit, savings accounts, checking accounts, stocks, bonds, life insurance, retirement funds, etc.
4) Produce a valid driver’s license or other form of identification if requested.
5) Produce, if requested, a deed, land contract, or other evidence of ownership of the property for which an exemption is requested.
6) Meet the federal poverty income guidelines as defined and determined annually by the United States Department of Health and Human Services or alternative guidelines adopted by the governing body providing the alternative guidelines do not provide eligibility requirements less than the federal guidelines.
7) The application for an exemption shall be filed after January 1, but one day prior to the last day of the Board of Review. The filing of this claim constitutes an appearance before the Board of Review for the purpose of preserving the right of appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.
8) The applicant and all household members assets shall not exceed the following limits:
Liquid cash limit in checking & savings: $2,000.00
Value of vehicles limit one vehicle
Value of other assets maximum limit $5,000.00*
*excess land attached to or included with the primary residence may be included in the asset test. Excess land is defined as an additional acreage over 5 acres. The primary residence is exempt along with the land not defined as excess.

The following are the federal poverty income guidelines which are updated annually by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The annual allowable income includes income for all persons residing in the principal residence.
Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2019 Assessments

Number of Persons Residing Poverty Guidelines
in the Principal Residence Annual allowable income

Poverty Guidelines
1 $12,140
2 $16,460
3 $20,780
4 $25,100
5 $29,420
6 $33,740
7 $38,060
8 $42,380
For each additional person $4,320

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the supervisor/assessor and Board of Review shall follow the above stated policy and federal guidelines in granting or denying an exemption, unless the supervisor/assessor and Board of Review determines there are substantial and compelling reasons why there should be a deviation from the policy and federal guidelines and these reasons are communicated in writing to the claimant.
The foregoing resolution offered by Township Board Member Wilton and supported by Township Board Member Combs.
Upon roll call vote, the following voted:
“Aye”: Ronne, Combs, Wilton, Bowman, Holmes
“Nay”: None
Township Clerk declared the resolution passed
Kathy Wilton, Clerk December 19, 2018

County Commissioner Sandra Aultman: She was not present nor sent a written report.
Committee Reports:
Planning Committee: No report
Fire Board: Chairman Marty Holmes reported: 23 total runs in November: 18 were rescue runs and 5 fire runs. Owens has installed the water softner and it is running nicely.
Fire Chief: Chief Fred Shaver stated he is writing a grant to the Gladwin Community Foundation, Wildfire classes will be held in January, Gibson Twp wants to meet with Billings Fire and Secord Fire, Secord received a DNR grant of $2,250 for turnout gear and he warned everyone about the ice conditions and dangers of not knowing the thickness of the ice.
Constable: Wilton reported she received report from Maxine Larson. No issues.
Road Committee: None
Zoning Administrator: Becky Sabourin has had 40 permits this year and getting calls on more building and land use for 2019.
Ordinance Officer: Still working on the issues on Ash St.
Well and Septic report: Bowman reported 3 new inspections done.
4 Lakes Task Force: Carl Kerr and Phil Dast attended meeting. Don Zackett was present at our meeting from the Wixom Lake Association. Discussion on assessments for property owners. The current rate would be approximately $350 per year for lake front property. A lake level is being established in court. Request for $15,000 from each township/lake association. Motion by Combs/Wilton to pay our share when we received a bill. Roll call: Ronne yes, Combs yes, Wilton yes, Bowman yes, Holmes no. 4 yes, 1 no M/C Wilton reminded everyone that Boyce Hydro pays not only for land they own above the water but for land that was flooded to make the river system. In Secord they pay $3,635.65 in taxes, in Clement they pay $806.78 and in Bourret they pay $598.81.
Other Business:
For March Board of Review: To make an appointment please call Peggy Sawka at 989-426-8388.
Larry Malner suggested that the assessment be $350 for lakefront and $70 for backlots.
Diane Tinsley asked if Boyce is willing to sell. She was told that is being negotiated.
Announcements/Public Comment: Wilton wished everyone a Merry Christmas and reminded all in attendance that our Christmas luncheon immediately followed the meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Holmes/Bowman at 11:20am

Kathy Wilton, Clerk