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Archive - Township Board - 2018 - July 18
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Secord Township Meeting
July 18, 2018

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Colin Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Kathy Wilton as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs, Treasurer Mickey Hetherington, Clerk Kathy Wilton, and Trustees Martin Holmes and Bill Bowman were present. 24 interested residents were in attendance.

Public Comment: none

Correspondence: Wilton read the following correspondence: Fire Board Minutes, Planning minutes, Council on Aging/Senior Services Millage information, ORV Fun Fest August 18, City County Transit Millage information, MSU Extension millage information, and DNR open house on public land proposals.

Minutes of June 20, 2018 regular meeting were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Ronne to accept as presented. 5 ayes M/C

Treasurer’s Report: Report was read by Treasurer Ronne as follows:

General Fund                         $653,102.65
Fire Fund                                 124,161.97
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve         22,327.98
Garbage Fund                          149,385.40
Road Fund                               446,338.89
Mosquito Fund                           40,250.81
Weed Control Fund                  322,614.03
Total Funds                         $1,758,181.73

Motion by Wilton/Holmes to receive and file the treasurer’s report as presented. All Ayes M/C

Bills to be paid: Wilton read the following bills to be paid: General fund $126,322.11 Fire Fund 292.40 and payroll 7,766.00 Motion by Combs/Holmes to pay the bills as presented. All ayes, M/C

Guests: Council on Aging, Amanda. She gave an overview of all the services Council on Aging provides to our citizens and the need for a renewal of the millage.

Troy Donn: Troy spoke about his experience and why he was running for road commissioner.

Gladwin County Road Commission: Dave Greaves gave an overview of the work the road commission has done in Secord Twp and how the county has been able to match money for projects because of the county wide road millage. He updated us on work that has been completed and work in progress both here in Secord and around the county.

Joel Vernier: MSU Extension/4H advocate. Vernier gave us an outline of services performed by the MSU Extension office and the impact it has on everyone in the county. He asked for everyones support on the millage renewal.

Rose Pest Control: Mark Lucero reviewed the mosquito program so far this year and discussed why the mosquitos were so severe at the beginning of the season.

Berg Assessing: Assessor Alan Berg discussed the primary residents exemption that is set by the state. It is not set by the township, county or himself.

County Commissioner Sandra Aultman: An advance from EMS funding has been taken by the county and will be repaid by the end of the year. Ken Salisbury is the new Veterans Administrator.

Carl Kerr: Wixom Lake and Smallwood Lake are forming a coalition to keep information on lake levels and dam issues in the public. Township around the waters of Boyce Hydro will be meeting and exchanging information on a regular basis. Combs has appointed Kerr to represent Secord Twp.

Bill Bowman: Bowman reported complaints about fireworks abuse. He has talked to the sheriff's department. They will respond to complaints but it will not be a priority response.

Colin Combs: He reported that after discussing the issue of an outhouse with the Health Dept is has been closed. They are not in violation of any law.

Committee Reports:

Planning Committee: VanWambeke thanked Rex Rowe for his years of service as chairman and how much Secord has progressed under his guidance and help from Becky Sabourin and Carl Kerr. Solar farms will be focused on along with property rentals due to septic system limits. He would also like to see an infrared scan of the water after holiday weekends to check for septic system failures. They will also be concentrating on closing loop holes in permits system and enforcement of township regulations.

Fire Board: Chairman Marty Holmes reported: 14 total runs in June: 11 rescue runs and 2 fire runs and 1 rmutual aid fire.

Fire Chief: Fred Shaver stated the department has paid the final payment to the township for the truck, garbage and recyclables continue to be dropped off and he will turn the information over to the sheriff's dept, he is working with Boyce to put a dry hydrant at the dam, he has turned over the current marijuana grow operation inspection to the ATF due to no cooperation from the owners for him to inspect the facility as required by law.

Constable: Hart turned in her report. Everything was okay.

Road Committee: VanWambeke reported that ditches could be contracted to be done this fall. Ditch spray will take place next year in the north end of the county.

Zoning Administrator: Only 1 permit request this month. Biggest problems seem to be neighbor against neighbor complaints.

Ordinance Officer: 4 different complaints are being worked on.

Well and Septic report: Bowman reported 3 inspections have passed. 1 failed.

Other Business:

Weinlander Fitzhugh contract: Wilton stated she has received the contract for the audit. Motion by Wilton/Combs to sign. All ayes M/C

Michigan Community Resolutioin and Intergovernmental Agreement to Manage Floodplain: Resolution 7-18-1 was offered by Combs/Holmes. Roll call: Ronne yes, Combs yes, Wilton yes, Bowman yes, Holmes yes. All ayes. Resolution adopted.


Secord Township, Gladwin County MI

Resolution 7-18-1

WHEREAS, Secord Township desires to participate in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) by complying with the program's applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for the purposes of significantly reducing flood hazards to persons, reducing property damage, reducing public expenditures and providing for the availability of flood insurance and federal funds or loans within its community: and

WHEREAS, the NFIP requires that floodplain management regulations must be present and enforced in participating communities, and utilize the following definitions which also apply for the purposes of this resolution:

1.Flood or Flooding means:

a. A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas from: 1) the overflow of inland or tidal waters, 2) the unusual and rapid accumulation of runoff of surface waters from any source, 3) mudflows, and

b. The collapse or subsidence of land along the shore of a lake or other body of water as a result of erosion or undermining caused by an unusually high water level in a natural body of water, accompanied by a severe storm, or by an unanticipated force of nature, such as a flash flood or an abnormal tidal surge, or by some similarly unusual and unforeseeable event which results in flooding, as defined in paragraph (a)(1) of this definition.

2.Flood Hazard Boundary Map (FHBM) means an official map of a community, as may have been issued by FEMA, where the boundaries of the areas of flood, mudslide (i.e. mudflow) related erosion areas having special hazards have been designated as Zone A, M, and /of E.

3.Floodplain means any land area susceptible to being inundated by water from any source (see definition of flooding).

4.Floodplain management means the operation of an overall program of corrective and preventive measures for reducing flood damage, including but not limited to emergency preparedness plans, flood control works, and floodplain management regulations.

5.Floodplain management regulations means zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, building codes, health regulations, special purpose ordinances (such as a floodplain ordinance, grading ordinance, and erosion control ordinance) and other applications of police power that provide standards for the purpose of flood damage prevention and reduction.

6.Structure means a walled and roofed building that is principally above ground, gas or liquid storage facility, as well as mobile home or manufactured unit.

WHEREAS, the Stille-Derossett-Hale Single State Construction Code Act, Act No. 230 of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended, (construction code act), along with its authorization of the state construction code composed of the Michigan Residential Code and the Michigan Building Code (and its Appendices) (specifically Appendix G) contains floodplain development and management regulations that comply with the FEMA NFIP minimum floodplain management criteria for flood prone areas as detailed in the Title 44 of the Code of Federal Regulations (44 CFR), Section 60.3, and

WHEREAS, by the action dates of this document or an existing historical agreement dated July 18, 2018, Gladwin County affirms/agrees on behalf of Secord Township to function as the designated enforcing agency to discharge the responsibility of administering, applying and enforcing the construction code act and the state construction code, specifically the Michigan Residential Code and the Michigan Building Code, and the Michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings to all development within Secord Township's political boundaries, and

WHEREAS, Secord Township and Gladwin County enforce floodplain regulations of the construction code act, and Secord Township wishes to ensure that the administration of that code complies with the requirements of NFIP, and

NOW THEREFORE, to maintain eligibility and continued participation in the NFIP,

1.Secord Township and Gladwin County agree that Gladwin County's officially designated enforcing agency for the construction code act, Gladwin County Building Department, be directed to administer, apply and enforce on Secord Township's behalf the floodplain management regulations as contained in the state construction code (including Appendix G) and to be consistent with those regulations, by:

a. Obtaining, reviewing and reasonably utilizing flood elevation data available from federal, state, or other sources pending receipt of data from FEMA to identify the flood hazard area, and areas with potential flooding, and

b. Ensuring that all permits necessary for development in floodplain areas have been issued, including a floodplain permit, approval or letter of no authority from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality under the floodplain regulatory provisions of Part 31, “Water Resources Protection,” of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA451, as amended, and c. Reviewing all permit application to determine whether the proposed building sites will be reasonably safe from flooding. Where it is determined that a proposed building will be located in a flood hazard area, Gladwin County Building Department shall implement the following applicable codes according to their terms:

I.All appropriate portions and specifically the floodplain management regulation portions and referenced codes and standards of the current Michigan Rehabilitation Code.

II.All appropriate portions and specifically the floodplain management regulation portions and referenced codes and standards of the current Michigan Building Code.

III.Appendix G of the current Michigan Building Code.

IV.All appropriate portions and specifically the floodplain management regulation portions and referenced codes and standards of the current Michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings.

d.Reviewing all proposed subdivisions to determine whether such proposals are reasonably safe from flooding and to ensure compliance with all applicable floodplain management regulations.

e. Assisting in the delineation of flood hazard areas; provide information concerning uses and occupancy of the floodplain or flood-related erosion areas, maintain flood proofing and the lowest floor construction records, and cooperate with other officials, agencies and persons for floodplain management.

f. Advising FEMA of any changes in the community boundaries, including appropriate maps, and

g. Maintaining records of new structures and substantially improved structures concerning any certificates of flood proofing, lowest floor elevation, basements, flood proofing, and elevation to which structures have been flood proofed.

2.Secord Township and Gladwin County assure the Federal Insurance Administrator that they intend to review, on an ongoing basis, all amended and revised FHBMs and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and related supporting data and revisions thereof and revisions of 44 CFR, Part 60, Criteria for Land Management and Use, and to make such revisions in its floodplain management regulations as may be necessary to assure Secord Township's compliant participation in the program.

3.Secord Township further assures the Administrator that it will adopt the current effective FEMA Flood Insurance Study (FIS), FHBMs, and/or the FIRMs by reference within it Floodplain Management Map Adoption Ordinance or similarly binding ordinance documentation.

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, both communities declare their understanding that, until the resolution is rescinded or Secord Township makes other provisions to enforce the construction code act:

1.Gladwin County Building Department must administer and enforce the construction code act in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein, and

2.For Secord Township to continue its participation in the NFIP, the construction code act must be adminitsterdd and enforced according to the conditions contained herein.

Roll call vote: Ronne yes, Combs yes, Wilton yes, Bowman yes, Holmes yes. All ayes

Secord Township Date Passed: July 18, 2018

Ordinance Addressing Floodplain Management Provisions of the State Construction Code: Ordinance 7-18 offered by Combs/Wilton. Roll Call: Combs yes, Wilton yes, Bowman yes, Holmes yes, Ronne yes. All ayes. Ordinance will be adopted immediately following publication in the newspaper.


Community name: Secord Township, County of Gladwin

Ordinance 07-18

An Ordinance to designate the enforcing agency to discard the responsibility of the Township of Secord located in Gladwin County, Michigan, and to designate regulated flood hazard areas under the provisions of the State Construction Code Act No. 230 of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended.

The Township of Secord Ordains:

Section 1. AGENCY DESIGNATED, Pursuant to the provisions of the state construction code, in accordance with Section 8b (6) of Act 230, of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended, the Gladwin county Building Department of the County of Gladwin is hereby designated as the enforcing agency to discharge the responsibility of the Twp of Secord under Act 230, of the Public Acts of 1972, as amended, State of Michigan. The County of Gladwin assumes responsibility for the administration and enforcement of said Act throughout Secord Twp.

Section 2. CODE APPENDIX ENFORCED, Pursuant to the provisions of the state construction code, in accordance with Section8b(6) of Act 230, the Public Acts of 1972, as amended, Appendix G of the Michigan Building Code shall be enforce by the enforcing agency within the jurisdiction of Secord Twp who is adopting this ordinance.

Section 3. DESIGNATION OF REGUALTED FLOOD PRONE HAZARD AREAS. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Study (FIS) Entitled 'Gladwin County, Michigan/ and Dated August 2, 2018 and the Flood Insurance Rate Map(s) (FIRMS) panel number(s) of 0175B, 0275B and 0375B dated August 2, 2018 are adopted by reference for the purposed of administration of the Michigan Construction Code, and declared to be part of Section 1612.3 of the Michigan Building Code, and to provide the content of the 'Flood Hazards' section of Table R301.2(1) of the Michigan Residential Code.

Section 4. REPEALS. All ordinances inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed.

Section 5. PUBLICATION. This ordinance shall be effective after legal publication and in accordance with the provisions of the Act governing the same. This ordinance duly adopted on July 18, 2018 at the regular meeting of the Secord Twp Board.

This ordinance shall be immediately effective upon publication of the Notice of Adoption in the newspaper of general circulation in the Township of Secord following the adoption by the Secord Twp Board of Trustees.

Roll Call Vote Supervisor Combs Trustee Holmes
Clerk Wilton Trustee Bowman Treasurer Ronne

PLM Lake Weed Control: Tentative spray date is 8/13 pending any weather issues. Their number is 1-800-382-4434 ext 2200 for questions.

Recyling Cans: Since some people chose to abuse the area where the recycling bin was stationed, the bin has been pulled and will not be replaced. Combs is working with Republic to get the curbside cans passed out as soon as possible.

People are needed on committees: Combs reported we need people on Zoning Commission and on Zoning Board of Appeals. This is a great way to get involved in the township. Those interested please contact Colin Combs. This opportunity is for anyone who wants to step up and make a difference.

Skyping Issue for absent board members: This was discussed and will be addressed again.

Announcements/Public Comment: Jim Schilling stated he is not in favor of recycling bins. He doesn't' feel as if it does the township any good.

Carl Kerr stated they need another person on the lake weed committee.

Combs stated there have been several instances of vandalism of boats in the area.

Wilton stated she has absentee ballot applications available to those who need them and there are copies of the ballot available also for those who would like to study it.

Motion to adjourn by Wilton/Holmes at 11:37am

Kathy Wilton, Clerk