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Archive - Township Board - 2018 - May 16
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Secord Township Special Meeting
May 16, 2018

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Colin Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Kathy Wilton as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs present, Treasurer Mickey Hetherington present, Clerk Kathy Wilton, and Trustee Martin Holmes. Bill Bowman was absent. 19 interested residents were in attendance.
Public Comment: none
Correspondence: Wilton read the following correspondence: Fire Board Minutes, Consumers PSC hearing, PLM newsletter, Charter francise fee
Minutes of April 18, 2018 regular meeting were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Hetherington to accept as presented. 4 ayes 1 absent M/C
Treasurerís Report: Report was read by Treasurer Hetherington as follows:

General Fund                        $635,554.27
Fire Fund                                122,998.87
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve        37,129.02
Garbage Fund                          159,507.01
Road Fund                              430,883.75
Mosquito Fund                          46,623.01
Weed Control Fund                 299,327.61
Total Funds                        $1,732,023.54

Motion by Wilton/Holmes to receive and file the treasurerís report as presented. 4 Ayes 1 absent M/C Hetherington stated the schools will be paying $3.10 per parcel for summer taxes.
Bills to be paid: Wilton read the following bills to be paid: General fund $17,389.63, Fire Fund 693.66 and payroll 6,666.00 Motion by Combs/Holmes to pay the bills as presented. 4 ayes, 1absent. M/C
County Commissioner Sandra Aultman: The county would like to start well and septic inspections but are waiting for the state to determine if they will start a process, the commissioners have requested the Governor remove the Drain Commissioner from his office, Marine Patrol will be paid $10 to $15 per hour depending on experience, Animal Shelter committee has been formed, Gladwin and Beaverton Schools are discussing a liasion officer to start in the fall, and the equalization directors contract is up and being advertised. Council on Aging millage will be on the August ballot.
Berg Assessing: Assessor Alan Berg reported reinspection/reappraisal is going well on the west side of the river. Procedures for exemptions and audit had been sent to the board for review. Motion by Combs/Wilton to accept Audit Procedures for Granting or Removal of Real Property Exemptions, Business Personal Property Canvas, Application for Exemption of Property Taxation, Application for Exemption from Property Taxes Reasons for Denial and Property Tax Exemption Application Standard Operating Procedures as presented. 4 ayes, 1absent. M/C Berg reported the assessing audit is scheduled for mid June and he has sent all the necessary paperwork in to the state for preliminary review. The State Treasurer has decided to revamp policies on assessing. It seems to be on the fast track to get pushed through the house and senate. It will mean a major change, if passed, to the townships and the county.

Committee Reports:
Planning Committee: Rex Rowe reported they have had their first meeting for several months. A couple of people came before the committee from the Recreation Rd area to complain about farm smells in a residential district property, a farmers market is being researched by an individual, the committee is working on several ordinance updates/changes, and the committee will be meeting twice a month in June, July and August and then go back to one meeting a month in September.
Fire Board: Chairman Marty Holmes reported: 7 total runs in April: 6 rescue runs and 1 rmutual aid fire. He also reminded everyone to not burn in the ditches and their meetings will now be the 2nd Monday of the month at 10am at the township hall.
Fire Chief: Fred Shaver is back! He said all inspections are complete and state paperwork has all be turned in. A complaint about response time has been addressed and it wasn't the fire department that was delayed it was the ambulance service. The woman now knows the difference.
Constable: Hart called and said everything was okay but no paperwork was turned in.
Road Committee: VanWambeke reported Lakeshore was miscalculated as far as distance of repair and will be $6,000 more that anticipated, gravel projects will take place next year and have been holding up fairly well, culverts are the responsibility of the land owner so make sure you keep it cleaned out so there isn't standing water breeding mosquitos.
Zoning Administrator: 5 permits issued. She had talked to several people who are building with out permits and are looking at fines.
Ordinance Officer: Combs reported that blight issues are being addressed. He met with Mr. Davis at the trailer park and he has agreed to continue his clean up process and progress is being made. Mr. Davis stated they are taking care of the finishing work on the new septic system.
Well and Septic report: Bowman sent a written report which Wilton read. Several properties have passed their inspections and will be moving forward on their closings, several others have applied for permits. He also reported that Lost Arrow has not been sold according to the new listing agent on the property.
Other Business:
Hall Rental: It has been determined that the hall rental cost should be raised in the new budget. Along with tables and chairs will now be rented also, not just simply loaned out due to the way they have been returned in the past.
Title Search: This is tabled until the Bowman family meets and we get more information from our attorney.
Attorney Hovey: She sent a disclosure statement to Secord Twp because she now also represents the county.
Treasurer Appointment: Combs announced that Hetherington would not be staying on the board until the election due to some health issues. Only one person has filed to run for township treasurer and that is Linda Ronne. Motion by Combs/Wilton that Ronne be appointed to fulfill the position vacated by Hetherington. 4 ayes/1 absent. M/C
Rose Pest Solutions: Mosquito spraying will start the Thursday night prior to Memorial weekend pending any unforseen weather issues.
People are still needed to become members on several committees. See Combs for details.
PLM Lake Weed Control: Tentative spray dates are June 11 and July 16 pending any weather issues. Their number is 1-800-382-4434 ext 2200 for questions.
Culvert on south end of driveway at the twp hall will be replaced by June 1.

People are needed on committees: Combs reported we need people on Zoning Commission and on Zoning Board of Appeals. This is a great way to get involved in the township. Those interested please contact Colin Combs. This opportunity is for anyone who wants to step up and make a difference.
Township Hall: Open from 10am to 1pm every Wednesday.
Township Audit: Auditors will be here October 1st and 2nd.
Public Hearing on Budget: Public hearing to adopt the 2018/2019 township budget will be on Wednesday, June 20th at 9am prior to our regular township board meeting.
Announcements/Public Comment: none

Motion to adjourn by Holmes/Combs at 11:07am

Kathy Wilton, Clerk