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Archive - Township Board - 2018 - March 14
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Secord Township Special Meeting
March 14, 2018

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Colin Combs at 10:00 am with everyone standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll Call: Taken by Clerk Kathy Wilton as follows: Supervisor Colin Combs present, Treasurer Mickey Hetherington present, Clerk Kathy Wilton, Trustees Martin Holmes and Bill Bowman were present. 15 interested residents were in attendance.
Public Comment: Andrew Lowe from 20 Lakes Car Enthusiests spoke about a car show they would like to possibly hold in the township. They plan to speak with the Secord Eagle Club for space. It was also suggested they speak to the new owners of Lost Arrow.
Rick Graebner on Lakeshore asked about a deck he is interested in repairing. He will be speaking with the planning commission as he may need a variance.
Correspondence: Wilton read the following correspondence: Notice from MPSC on Lateral Gas Pipeline (Kalamazoo River Lateral), Fire Board Minutes, Board of Review notes.
Minutes of February 24, 2018 special meeting were reviewed. Motion by Hetherington/Combs to accept as presented. All Ayes M/C

Minutes of February 21, 2018 regular meeting were reviewed. Motion by Holmes/Bowman to accept as presented. all ayes M/C

Treasurer’s Report: Report was read by Treasurer Hetherington as follows:
General Fund                          $604,046.13
Fire Fund                                  114,069.20
Fire Fund Capitol Reserve          33,756.18
Garbage Fund                            161,150.48
Road Fund                                 400,101.73
Mosquito Fund                            46,612.95
Weed Control Fund                   263,817.99
Total Funds                           $1,623,554.66

Motion by Wilton/Holmes to receive and file the treasurer’s report as presented. All Ayes M/C

Bills to be paid: Wilton read the following bills to be paid: General fund $18,419.11, Fire Fund 1,090.95 and payroll 7,064.00 Motion by Combs/Holmes to pay the bills as presented. All ayes. M/C

County Commissioner Sandra Aultman: no report
Berg Assessing: Assessor Alan Berg was unable to attend but provided a report to the board. March Board of Review is done. All assessments have been sent out and are being preped for Equalization. Combs stated that Bob Patton will be leaving the Board of Review. Becky Sabourin will move the permanent position and Peggy Sawka will be the alternate
Committee Reports:
Planning Committee: no report
Fire Board: Chairman Marty Holmes reported: 10 rescue runs last month with 8 being rescues and 2 fire, combined budget meeting will be on April 9 at 6pm.
Fire Chief: Fred Shaver reported: Defibulator pads in the hall have been replaced. In response to a complaint from a resident on facebook he has obtained the call logs from central dispatch and he claim of an hour for response is false. He will send her the information.
Constable: No report from Hart.
Road Committee: none
Zoning Administrator: Still busy. 3 permits issued. Several are pending. Still receiving a lot of calls asking questions about building and requirements.
Ordinance Officer: Working on blight issues, waiting for weather to break. Complaints about noise from generator constantly running in trailer park. Working with the Sheriff's dept.
Well and Septic report: Bowman reported 3 new permits with 2 being approved by the health dept and 1 being denied on the well.
Other Business:
SBATower: SBA has requested permission to allow Sprint to be put on the Verizon tower at the corner of W. River Dr. and M-30. Motion to all by Combs/Wilton. Roll call: Hetherington, Combs, Wilton, Bowman and Holmes yes. No nays. M/C
Garbage Assessment: The public hearing was held. Discussion on merits of having curbside. Resolution 2018-5 offered by Hetherington/Combs to start curbside recycling as the budget allows.

ORDINANCE No. 2018-5
SECORD TOWNSHIP GARBAGE AND REFUSE ORDINANCE(Update of Original 1981 ordinance No. 2)
WHEREAS, the Township Board of Secord Township having determined that it is necessary for the protection of the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Township that a sanitary means of collecting and disposing of the garbage and refuse is required within the Township and to charge the owners and users of such services therefore, and
WHEREAS, provided by Public Act 320 of 1927, as amended, being C>L> Sec. 123.241 and following.
NOW THEREFORE, the Township of Secord ordains as follows:
The reasonable and equitable annual charges for the service of collecting and disposing of garbage and refuse, including the administration expenses incurred by the Township shall be determined by a Resolution of the Township Board, with due provision for residential and commercial variation, costs of collection and alternation methods therefor. Such annual fees shall remain in effect from year to year absent action by the Township Board.
Such charges shall be levied against each residential and commercial unit in the Township.
A. All property owners will pay once a year.
B. All disputes will be handled by the Planning Board with final decision made by Secord Township Board.
The Township Supervisor shall determine the number of residential or commercial premises
Served upon each tax description within the Township and shall assess against the premises the charges here in above set forth. The same to be collection or returned in the same manner as other county or township taxes are certified, assessed, collected and returned.
The Township Treasurer shall establish upon the books of the Township a separate fund into which fund shall be paid all monies derived from such charges. Such fund shall be used to defray the Township’s contract charges and other expenses incurred in administering the contract and providing the service of collection and disposal of garbage and trash.
This Ordinance shall take effect 30 days after publication following its adoption.
Dated: March 14, 2018 Township Clerk: Kathy Wilton

The above Ordinance No. 2018-5 was adopted and updated at a meeting of the Secord Township Board on the 14th day of March 2018 and published in the Gladwin County Record, a newspaper of general circulation in the Township of Secord on the 21st day of March 2018.
Kathy Wilton
Secord Clerk

Title Search: Due to some new information brought to the board, we will discuss the properties next month once the information is reviewed.
911 meeting: no report
Goose Round-Up: Wilton reported the paperwork has been filled out and resolution 2018-4 is being offered by Wilton/Combs to have round-up of geese again this year.
Secord Township
1507 Secord Dam Rd
Gladwin MI 48624

Resolution 2018-4
Regarding Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Canada Goose Nest Destruction Program and/or Canada Goose Roundup/Removal Program
WHEREAS, the Township Board of Secord has received complaints of overpopulation of Canada geese inhabiting the grounds of residents along the Tittabawassee River (which includes Secord Lake above the dam and Smallwood Lake below the dam) within Secord Township; and
WHEREAS, the Township Board has determined that the DNR Canada Goose Nest Destruction Program and/or Roundup/Removal Program are effective program(s) for the control of site specific problems for our residents; and
WHEREAS, the residents clearly understand that any birds removed and relocated during this program may be killed; and
WHEREAS, the Township on behalf of the residents, lake associations, businesses, subdivisions, condo associations etc., must apply for a DNR Permit for these program(s), on an annual basis, and must ensure that all lakefront residents, tenants, employees of this site, have been informed that this program is taking place at their lake/site, and understand if their site is located within more than one government unit, they are responsible to receive resolutions from each township/city/village, and are responsible for adhering to the requirements under their permit;
NOW, THEREFORE LET IS BE RESOLVED that the Township Board of Secord hereby formally requests the assistance of the Michigan DNR on behalf of the requests made in Secord Township by residents as long as they abide by the DNR permit requirements, in the implementation of the Canada Goose Nest Destruction Program and/or Roundup/Removal Program, for a 5-year period from 2016 through 2020 and additionally, to advise the Department that there shall be no cost to the Township of Secord for these programs other than the permit fee.
Moved by Wilton & supported by Combs
Ayes: Bowman, Holmes, Hetherington, Combs, Wilton Nays: none
Motion carried
Kathy Wilton, Clerk
Goose Lawn Treatment: Rose Pest Solutions advised Supervisor Combs that they now have a product to treat lawns to keep the geese off the lawns. Contact them for cost and application.

People are needed on committees: Combs reported we need people on Zoning Commission and on Zoning Board of Appeals. This is a great way to get involved in the township. Those interested please contact Colin Combs. This opportunity is for anyone who wants to step up and make a difference.
Citizen Issue on Lakeshore: Combs reported complaint on Lakeshore about an outhouse. He contacted the Health Dept which stated the outhouse is compliant with health regulations.
Township Hall: Open from 10am to 1pm every Wednesday.
Culvert on south end of Driveway: Batterbee Excavating gave us a bid for the replacement of the culvert along with labor and cleaning of the ditch. Motion by Combs/Hetherington to have Batterbee do the work at a cost of approximately 3600.00. Roll call Holmes, Heth, Combs, Wilton, Bowman all ayes. M/C
FEMA letter: Letter received by Wilton and Combs that everything is now compliant and done. Maps are now current and approved.
Wilton asked if the board would like her to make the minutes for the paper more condensed since the cost is so much to publish them. Everyone agreed to condense them since the full minutes appear on our website.

Announcements: Joint fire board/township board meeting for budget review will be April 9th at 6pm. The public is welcome to join us.
Public Comment:
LuAnn Hurry of Lakeshore Dr. asked the cost of the new recycle program. It will be $30 more added in the special assessment of the garbage. The new assessment will be $140 per year.
Peggy Sawka of Lakeshore Drive stated she has an outhouse situation next door to her home and the Health Dept has jurisdiction over it also.

Motion to adjourn by Holmes/Bowman at 10:43am
Kathy Wilton, Clerk