Secord Township   1507 Secord Dam Road    Gladwin,  Michigan 48624
Archive - Fireboard - 2019 - June 3
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Secord Township Fire Board
1507 Secord Dam Rd.
Gladwin, Ml 48624
Phone (989) 426-7445: Fax (989) 426-3232

Fire Board Meeting: June 3, 2019
Meeting open at 10:00 a.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

Present: Chair-Martin Holmes, Chief-Fred Shaver, Laura Combs, Maxine Larson, Larry
Santamour, Jenny Carroll-secretary.

Motion to accept last month’s minutes by Laura, support-Maxine, all ayes.

Old business:
Pancake breakfasts: still being considered as a fundraiser for the fire dept. By women from
Clement Township.
Martin mentioned, just as a thought, not now, but down the road, if one of us sees or hears
about an ATV side-byside, for sale, to let Marty or Fred to know.

New Business:
Fred told board members about a good idea for continuing education for the firemen, a
program on line called Target . This would enable the men to take class on
Their own time, take the test when done with class, then bring it back to their meeting and
present to the other firemen. They would not have to travel a long distance, nor miss any
time on their regular jobs. Sounds good for everyone!
FIREWORKS: Fred will be deputized soon to have the ability to write out tickets, and
charge a fine, for anyone abusing the State law on fireworks. Most people are familar with
this addition to State law, if you are not, look on line at
Motion for Fred to present the continuing education program to the Township Board by
Marty, support-Larry, all ayes.
Runs: Martin motion to accept runs, support by Maxine, all ayes.
Fire run bills: Fred said there are 4 to be sent, motion by Marty,support by Larry, all ayes.
Bills: Motion by Jenny to pay the bills, support by Maxine, all ayes.

Motion to adjourn @ 10:36 by Jenny, support Marty, all ayes.
NEXT MEETING: JULY 8th,. 2019 @ 10:00a.m.